[RPG] Does the size modifier affect touch and ranged touch attacks


Since the rules are poorly described for touch and ranged touch attacks, should the size modifier apply when making these types of attacks?

The attack roll section is really meant for weapons and not magic, but it does list the size modifier from the space and reach page.

Best Answer

A creature's size modifier on attack rolls usually applies to all of the creature's attacks

Unless exceptions apply, a creature's size modifier on attack rolls applies on all attack rolls that the creature makes, whether the attack is a melee attack, a melee touch attack, a ranged attack, or a ranged touch attack. While Attack Bonus does specify melee weapons (and Touch Spells in Combat on Touch Attacks says, "Touching an opponent with a touch spell is considered to be an armed attack") and ranged weapons, I've never seen a creature's size modifier excluded from its attack roll when the creature uses, for instance, a natural weapon or a ranged touch attack.

(For example, a dark naga possesses a base attack bonus of +7 and a Strength modifier of +2 yet with its bite its attack bonus is, without explanation, +8, but that mysterious additional −1 can be explained by the creature's Large size. Likewise, the azruverda possesses a base attack bonus of +12, a Dexterity modifier of +2, and the feat Weapon Focus (acid), yet with its acid—a ranged touch attack—its attack bonus is +13, the mysterious additional −2 explained neatly by the creature's Huge size.)

Elsewhere—such as on the Table: Size Bonuses and Penalties, in the Advanced Race Guide on Size Quality, and in the description of the transmutation subschool polymorph ("If a polymorph spell causes you to change size, apply the size modifiers appropriately, changing your… attack bonus…")—a creature's size modifier seems to be considered a modifier on attack rolls generally rather than a specific modifier that applies only on attacks made with melee and ranged weapons.

As a creature's size modifier is applied to all its attacks in other parts of the game, I suspect Attack Bonus is written with the typical PC in mind—the typical PC usually making attacks with melee weapons and ranged weapons—, rather than Attack Bonus making a broader statement about how size bonuses function throughout the game.