[RPG] Does the target of Gaze of Two Minds have to remain willing


So, I've figured out a possible way to use Gaze of Two Minds as a kind of scrying. So, my plan is to find a goon of some enemy, use Suggestion or just convince them to let me activate Gaze of Two Minds. Then, I'd have my allies move me away from wherever I was- and then they can attack them. They let the GOTM'd one run away- back to their base, which I would be able to see. We would basically get a spy on the inside without them even wanting to work with us. I'm wondering if the target of GOTM has to remain willing for the duration of the ability- since the target would probably no longer be willing after we started killing their friends. For reference-

"You can use your action to touch a willing humanoid and perceive
through its senses until the end of your next turn. As long as the
creature is on the same plane of existence as you, you can use your
action on subsequent turns to maintain this connection, extending the
duration until the end of your next turn." -Player's Handbook, Part 1, Chapter 3, Page 111.

Best Answer

RAW is maybe, but intent is likely No

Although the text only includes the term "Willing" at the beginning, you are effectively continuing the Gaze each round. If the target is ever no longer willing, it seems that it would end the effect because they no longer let your mind link continue. I think that this is the intent of "willing".

However, the ambiguity of the language does leave the door open for the example you've given. Suggestion lasts up to 8 hours, but if you are looking at ending it early or wanting to do it longer this becomes an interesting test of Gaze of Two Minds.

Remember, you also are blinded and deafened to your own surroundings at this time. That leaves you in a pretty vulnerable state that could balance a ruling allowing GoTM to remain after a creature is no longer willing.