[RPG] Does there exist a table associating character level to a description of character’s typical notoriety, influence, power and status


Does there exist a table for any edition of D&D giving a suggestion of a PC's role within a setting based upon their character level? I mean role in terms of notoriety, level of direct and indirect influence, wealth, responsibility.

I'm interested in a table like the following:

Level a – b:
The character has little to their name, and said name isn't worth much. They have no experience and few allies or enemies in the world. In combat they are somewhat inexperienced.

Level c – d:
The character is vaguely notorious, rumours both true and false may precede them as they travel. They are experienced in the use of their chosen weapon and have begun to make useful allies.

Level e – f:
The character is feared or respected wherever they go. They have formidable physical, magical or political influence at their disposal and threat of their ire is enough to cause others to give pause. Their allies, and enemies, are numerous. Their actions will affect many.

Level g – h:
The character's word is law. Kingdoms rise and fall on their word. Very few physical challenges remain in the world for them. They are in a position of great authority – if they choose to accept it, or seize it.

Level i – j: The character's word is physical law. The suns rise and fall on their word. Their name is known to all, and is used as a blessing or curse.

What would such a table be called and where could I find one? If there exist differing interpretations amongst the editions, that would be very interesting to see.

I understand this concept is related to tiers of play (heroic, super heroic, epic, etc.), but I would like an understanding of how the level can indicate a character's typical 'status' to help roleplay (and eventually devise) appropriate adventures.

Best Answer

This is a summary of the section "Tiers of Play" in the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Player's Handbook, page 15:

Levels 1-4: Characters are apprentice adventurers learning the features of their class that will define them in later levels. Generally fight minor threats that pose a danger to local farmsteads or villages.

Levels 5-10: Characters come into their own. Many spellcasters gain access to a new tier of spell power. Other classes gain the ability to attack multiple times in one action. These characters have become important, facing threats to cities or entire kingdoms.

Levels 11-16: Characters have reached a power level that places them well above the average populace. Martial characters attack more frequently or impressively. Spellcasters gain access to spells that create otherwise impossible phenomena. These mighty adventurers face threats to whole regions or continents.

Levels 17-20: Characters achieve the pinnacle of their power becoming heroic or villainous archetypes in their own right. Their actions have consequences felt all around the world. Even the balance of the multiverse may hang in the balance during their quests.

The fact that adventurers stave off enemies that threaten communities of particular sizes means they are probably famous in a comparable area once they have become suitably successful. For example, a 17th level fighter is probably very famous in their home kingdom and their neighbours may have heard of their battlefield prowess, but until they have defeated an invading army of demons that threatened to destroy the entire continent, someone on the other side of the world probably doesn't know who they are.

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