[RPG] Does Twinned Spell work on Hellish Rebuke


With hellish rebuke I can take 1 reaction on being damaged by "a creature" within 60 feet to do damage back at him. The Sorcerer Twinned Spell allows me to target a 2nd creature within range. The requirements are only "targets one creature" and doesn't have a range of self.
Reading it as RAW so far Twinned Spell would work on Hellish Rebuke but then the description for Hellish Rebuke states "creature that damaged you is momentarily surrounded by hellish flames". Well the Twinned 2nd creature didn't do damage to me what should I do now?

Best Answer

Twinned Spell doesn't work with Hellish Rebuke

Well, technically it does, but only if you are somehow damaged by two creatures at once. Like you note, Twinned Spell only requires that the spell you twin targets one creature and doesn't target yourself, and Hellish Rebuke certainly qualifies. However, all of the targets of the Twinned spell need to be legal targets. The only legal target for Hellish Rebuke is the creature that damaged you, so your second target from the Twinning is wasted.

If you were somehow damaged by two creatures simultaneously, you could twin a Hellish Rebuke, but it wouldn't work otherwise. Also, I'm not certain that the system technically allows 2 creatures to deal damage simultaneously.