[RPG] Does Warding Bond carry over damage type


The warding bond spell description states:

While the target is within 60 feet of you, it gains a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws, and it has resistance to all damage. Also, each time it takes damage, you take the same amount of damage.

If you cast the spell on another creature and then that creature is damaged, what type is the damage you take? If the target receives 12 slashing damage, do you get 6 slashing damage, or just 6 (untyped) damage?

Best Answer

Damage is never "untyped":

Different attacks, damaging spells, and other harmful effects deal different types of damage. (p. 75 Basic Rules)

Jeremy Crawford confirmed this:

All damage has a type. #DnD

Since it cannot be "untyped" and there is no basis for assuming the type would change, it is the type(s) of the original damage.

The damage types are Acid, Bludgeoning, Cold, Fire, Force, Lightning, Necrotic, Piercing, Poison, Psychic, Radiant, Slashing, and Thunder. (p. 75 Basic Rules)