[RPG] Draconic Lineage feats vs Reserve Feats


Dragon Magic presented draconic Lineage feats, which let you convert spell slots into various attacks/abilities that varied in power by the slot spent. Complete Mage gave us Reserve Feats, which gave you an infinite-use spell-like ability as long as you had the ability to cast an appropriate spell, and said ability varied in power by the spell unspent. I can't seem to decide which would be better; on one hand, Draconic Lineage feats let you have a particular type of spell at any level without taking up space on your spell list, but requires Draconic Heritage as a prerequisite. On the other hand, Reserve feat's abilities are unlimited use, but would require you to have a decent stock of the appropriate spell type on your list, which might make you easier to counter. Which should I choose?

Best Answer

In general, Reserve feats

You can hold down a Reserve feat forever and ever as long as you've got an appropriate spell memorized or spell slot open. This makes them great for backups, out-of-combat healing, blasting, and a myriad of other things that you might want to have around but don't really want to burn precious spell slots on. Reserve feats can be a great way to make a character feel more magical without having to optimize your numbers or carry around enough scrolls to found your own library.

A note: Reserve feats don't eat up the spell you need to have memorized in order to use them, which means that you can set that spell slot and forget about it for the rest of your career. Unless something starts ripping into you with negative levels or mental ability score damage, your Reserve feat will always be active and ready to rumble.