[RPG] Dual wielding Barbarian


I was invited to take part in a lvl 20 D&D 3.5 campaign and I would like to play a barbarian. What I have in mind is basically a stereotypical viking: a guy who rushes into battle with an axe in each hand and a smile on face. Horned helmets are not mandatory, though.

It has been years since I last played D&D and I don't remember much about the system. I've been reading some of the barbarian related books but I'm literally overwhelmed with information and not going anywhere. I tried to sketch some builds using the Tempest prestige class, but I have the overall feeling it just sucks. I'm not familiar with the system anymore, so I can't be sure.

I have 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 to distribute among my stats and 20k gold pieces to spend, but I can't buy anything costing more than 4k on its own. Nobody in the party has a defined character yet, though I know there will be a sorcerer and maybe a hexblade. I need 17 dex to use all the feats required by Tempest, and would like to have 18 str, but not sure how to employ the rest of my stats.

Have anyone tried something like this before and has advice to give? I would also like to see actual builds, if anyone has one and would like to share.

Best Answer

Option #1:

The City Brawler variant, from Dragon Magazine #349 (p. 92) gives an actual Barbarian TWF, but only with unarmed strikes. With a Necklace of Natural Attacks to enchant your fists properly, and using Spirit Lion Totem for Pounce, this would function.

Option #2:

A Swift Hunter build, or more accurately, Scout 4/Ranger 16 (or some variant of this for minor optimization) would give you greater two weapon fighting with no sacrifices to the build, really. A Dip into Cleric or Barbarian nets you an effective psuedo-pounce, allowing you to maintain your Skirmish mechanic. If allowed, try to trade your Animal Companion for Solitary Hunting, Dragon #347(p. 91) although this isn't an important part to the build.

Fluff-wise, this is a more Vikings from Netflix option, rather than Olaf from League of Legends.