[RPG] Dual wielding two +1 Longswords, do they stack


In my campaign, my character has the opportunity to dual wield two +1 longswords. I'm just wondering if it's effective to do so or just a flex for my character.

Would it make sense to do this? Would it work like something giving me a +2 to hit and a +1 for damage depending on which hand I'm using. Do they stack at all, or will I have a + 1 to hit & damage for my two main hand attacks and have the same +1 with my off hand.

My characters does have the Dual Wielder feat and is currently 8th lvl.

Best Answer

Using an 8th level Barbarian with the Dual Wielder feat you would have the following option while using a pair of +1 long swords:

  1. Use the Attack action to attack twice (level 5+ Barbarian) with your main hand weapon at a +3(proficiency)+STRmodifier+1(magic sword) dealing damages of 1d8+STRmodifier+1(magic sword) on each hit.
  2. Use your bonus action, per two-weapon fighting rules, to attack once with your off-hand weapon at a +3(proficiency)+STRmodifier+1(magic sword) dealing damages of 1d8+1(magic sword) per hit. No STR modifier applies to the off-hand weapon per the standard two-weapon fighting rules.

The +1 magic on the off hand applies to both attack and damage. Your STR bonus applies to any potential attacks. Your STR bonus applies to damage from the standard attacks but not from the bonus action off-hand attack.