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I'll be DMing a 10 people group in Dungeon World, so I figured keeping track of everything using pen&paper could be difficult. I'm searching for an app that is specific for Dungeon World, with things like connections between character, selected moves and spells, etc, on top of classic stats like hp, coins, exp, ammo that are more generic.

A huge plus would be a monster tracker, where I'd keep track of monsters' health.

If I can't find a DW specific app, I'd like at least a generic DM companion app to help me.
I'm looking for an Android application.

Best Answer

I do not know of any DW specific app for any platform. Obsidian Portal, Roll 20, or other online RPG apps might have specific sheets/formats for what you are looking for. I've never tried them though.

However, when I run DW, I used a spreadsheet during combat. I have all the data I need in the spreadsheet.

Since I'm on iOS/OSX, I use Numbers, but Excel is available for almost all platforms, and Google Sheets is available as well.

It takes more work to set up the spreadsheet to be game specific, but it will be exactly what you need, rather than what an app believes you need.

For non-combat, I use OneNote. Other options are Evernote and Google Docs. Again, the premise that a general purpose tool is fluid enough to match my needs compared to specific tools. It's simple to jot down notes, especially things I make up on the fly but likely will need to remember as a scenario progresses.

Hope you find it helpful.

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