[RPG] Every language character optimization


I've been theory crafting how to design a linguist character who is able to read and speak every language. I managed to accomplish this with a level 20 wizard who takes Signature Spells on tongues and uses Spell Mastery for comprehend languages.

Is it possible to do this at an earlier level (i.e. the earliest possible level) with different character options to pick up Thieves' Cant with a 1-level dip in Rogue? Are there any other languages I miss out on with my build that another could pick up?


  • No telepathy since the character concept involves serving as a high order translator at political conclaves , for example. Similarly, the character has to presentable acceptably as a grand translator (I don't know if that will be a problem for some options, but it's worth keeping in mind)
  • Learning enough to exhaust the list of languages is not an option since there are way too many possible languages for this to be reasonable (I'm counting monstrous languages too, and WotC keep adding more with each adventure module)
  • This has to be accomplished without expending limited daily resources like my spell slots
  • Only one attunement slot can be used
  • Bonus points for finding a way to write the languages too.
  • Please only use official WotC content (i.e. no homebrew or playtest material like Unearthed Arcana)

Best Answer

Monk is the Way

I did not see anything in your initial question that would prohibit it, but a 13th level Monk with the Tongue of the Sun and Moon trait would meet two-thirds of your criteria very well (being able to understand and speak all spoken languages).

The final third (being able to read all spoken languages) can be easily accomplished by a 1 level dip into Bard or Wizard; taking the Comprehend Languages spells; and using the innate Ritual Casting ability of those classes to cast the spell.

Alternately, you can simply have your Monk take the Ritual Caster feat and pick one of those classes for it.

One other thing you could do to gain Comprehend Languages is find a Helm of Comprehending Languages, which will permit you to cast the spell at-will. As an uncommon magic item, this may be very achievable in certain settings.

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