[RPG] Evil Clerics and Undead


Do 5e clerics of an evil bent have many options regarding undead? Are there other abilities said cleric could gain to have a more favorable relationship with undead (that they may have themselves made), say if they serve Velsharoon, Kiaranselee, or another God of Undeath? Perhaps they have another option for Domains that is not in the PHB? Are they expected to do this with spells, instead?

I see that "negative energy" is different, now, and that it, and undead, seem to have a new, different relationship, so how do evil clerics now associate with the undead? Can they bolster their minions, and defend them from the turning powers of their holy counterparts?

Best Answer

The DMG has a "Death Domain" for clerics.

See pp.96-97. It includes expanded targeting for necromancy cantrips, and added necrotic damage onto melee attacks.

It does not particularly tie into undead thralls, aside from granting some undead-centric spells through domain spells. It's more geared toward the cleric infusing their own interactions with necrotic energy than becoming some sort of undead commander.

It should be noted that the Death Domain is in a section devoted to the crafting of new player options: this may be a good prompt for you and your GM to work on an "Undeath Domain" that more-closely hews to your concept of a servant of death.