[RPG] feat akin to the Fighter’s Action Surge which is available to other classes


While reading the comments of this answer, I came across the following statement :

… if you still have 5 slots you can still use the [Divine] Smite 5× in a round
(with 2 attacks, times two with a feat, and one bonus attack) …

What feat could the commenter be referring to?

I am aware of the Fighter's 2nd level class feature, Action Surge, but am not aware of a feat available to other classes ( specifically Paladin ) that grants the quoted "times two with a feat" effect/ability.

I've looked through my PHB's feats section and don't see anything. What am I missing?

Best Answer

There is no such feat

You are not missing anything, the commenter was mistaken.

I have seen many people use "feat" instead of "feature"; he might have meant Action Surge too.