[RPG] Festival Mini Games


My D&D party will be going to a town with a festival in it. Generally during festivals there may be some games that are going on, kind of like small carnival type games or "mini games", ones that also may be of chance or just showing off some skill.

I'd like to come up with some skill challenges for the group based off a variety of these types of games. Something simple that lets the group use skills outside of a dangerous situation and in a more fun environment.

Is there a list or already created encounters for such types of games in a book or pregenerated session? I don't want them to be anything super complicated, something just easy to do for the party to have fun with for a short bit.

While I'm looking for some that specifically use the D&D 4E skills for my situation I can also easily adapt them from another system so answers do not need to have 4E specifically in mind.

Best Answer

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #325, "Unusual Customs and Festivals" is full of things that could easily be turned into skill challenges.

Why have yet another footrace or archery contest when you can have a rousing Cheese Rolling contest, a longboat-pulling contest, or an all-village game of Bottle Kicking from here to the next village after the ceremonial Hare Pie Scramble?

As a bonus, the festivals and customs are all real-world examples, despite the oddness of them. For more inspiration you can look up their actual history; for example: Cheese Rolling (Wikipedia).

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