[RPG] Fighter – Archer Archetype Trick Shot ability CMB question


While looking at the feat Weapon Finesse the FAQ/Errata caught my eye.

If I have Weapon Finesse, can I apply my Dex bonus to my combat
maneuver checks instead of my Strength bonus??

It depends on what
combat maneuver you're attempting. Disarm, sunder, and trip are
normally the only kinds of combat maneuvers in which you’re actually
using a weapon to perform the maneuver, and therefore the weapon’s
bonuses apply to the roll. Therefore, if you're attempting a disarm,
sunder, or trip maneuver, you can apply your Dex bonus instead of your
Str mod on the combat maneuver check (assuming you're using a
finessable weapon, of course).

And a fighter with the Archer Archetype can use combat maneuvers with bows thanks to the trick shot ability;

At 3rd level, an archer can choose one of the following combat
maneuvers or actions: disarm, feint, or sunder. He can perform this
action with a bow against any target within 30 feet, with a –4 penalty
to his CMB. Every four levels beyond 3rd, he may choose an additional
trick shot to learn. These maneuvers use up arrows as normal.

At 11th level, he may also choose from the following combat maneuvers:
bull rush, grapple, trip. A target grappled by an arrow can break free
by destroying the archer’s arrow (hardness 5, hit points 1, break DC
13) or with an Escape Artist or CMB check (against the archer’s CMD

So, since it's established that if you use a finessable weapon to perform a combat maneuver with weapon finesse feat you can use your dexterity modifier in place of strength, am I correct in assuming that since you already add your dexterity to ranged attack rolls you use dexterity modifier instead of strength with Trick Shot without needing weapon finesse?

Best Answer

I strongly disagree with Phill.Zit's reading here. Your own quote says it all:

the weapon’s bonuses apply to the roll.

It goes on to clarify ('therefore…') this would require a finesse weapon. But bows use Dex as their bonus despite not being finesse weapons, so should use Dex for these checks.

In fact, I'll go further and say you have to use Dex. Finesse weapons give you the choice, whereas bows do not.

And note the wording on the types of combat maneuvers it applies to. Normally with a bull-rush or grapple

you're [not] actually using a weapon

so you'd be forced to use Str. But again, here you are using a bow so must use Dex.