[RPG] Fighting against a Spirit – Only 1 Mage


I'm pretty new to P&P of any kind. Next round we will fight against a Spirit. We have 1 Mage, Rigger, Hacker, and me the Melee fighter (not Adept).

We know there is an "Air Spirit" in the next fight, and I know it can't be attacked by any physical actions like swords or guns. Does that mean it's basically the Air Spirit vs. our Mage?

What about shock grenades and gas? Would those work or is it up to the GM whether we can attack him with normal attacks or not?

Best Answer

Sadly, Spirits are Astral. It could Materialize, but even then it would have Immunity to Normal Weapons (as long as it is materialized).

That immunity can be circumvented in several ways:

This applies to all attacks that are not magical in nature; weapon foci, spells, and adept or critter powers function normally. If the critter also has the Allergy weakness, then the Immunity does not apply against non-magical attacks made using the allergen.

Since you know you're going to encounter a Spirit, perhaps you can:

  • Let the Mage project, so that he can take out the Spirit in Astral combat. You guard his location in the meantime.
  • Hire extra magical muscle (such as an extra Mage, Physical Adept or Shaman)
  • Enhance the weapons of the Physical Adept with a weapon focus
  • Gain more info about the mages used by the target to get a better idea of the type of spirits that you could encounter
  • You could bring serious firepower, in an effort to bypass the hardened armor. But the resulting weapons barrage would trigger a stronger security response as well.

For example, if you're attacked by a Fire spirit inside a compound and the mage yells this out to the team. Any non-magical team member could then:

  • Trigger the sprinkler system
  • Trigger the firealarm (knowning that this triggers the sprinkler system)
  • Just use a nearby fire hose reel station

That's assuming the the mage doesn't need protection while he takes down the spirit from other threats.

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