[RPG] Film Noir D&D Setting


Could you use D&D for a film noir setting? What would have to be changed?

By "film noir", I'm imagining something set in the 1940s, urban, dark, private eyes and all that. There would be cars, telephones, revolvers, all the technology of the time. And there would be no magic.

Best Answer

I would say yes but you would be trying to put a square peg into a round hole. You will have to do a lot to get the magic out of D&D, the classes would need re-doing, and there would be none of the background available.

There is a d20 modern which would fit better but that is not D&D, just a similar rule set.

Noir: The Film Noir Role-Playing Game would be a better choice.

Another site of interest maybe Mean Streets which appears to be free although I cannot judge for its quality.