[RPG] find Bullywug lore


In D&D 4th Edition (the edition I play), Bullywugs are featured in the Monster Manual 2. However, the lore about them in this book is very thin, barely touching n anything about the race itself.

Where can I find more information on the lore of these creatures? The source could be for any edition because I'm not looking for stats.

Best Answer

Canonfire! has a good Bullywug article with an extensive bibliography that should list all the early-D&D sources of info on bullywugs.

More recently, Pathfinder has renamed the bullywug the "boggard" due to IP concerns and has used them extensively, see this wiki article and its references but especially the "Ecology of the Boggard" in the Kingmaker adventure path. All this information has the virtue of being in print and easily obtainable, though any crunch will be 3.5 compatible and not 4e compatible.