[RPG] find information on swift actions


I found that the rules in Player's Handbook do not cover swift actions. A friend suggested to look in Oriental Adventures, since that is the book that introduced them properly. I did not find anything. The D20 SRD has little information on swift actions.

Can any one inform me if one can use a swift action and then a full round action, what is the general description of swift actions and the page of the book they were introduced?

Best Answer

From the d20 SRD:

A swift action consumes a very small amount of time, but represents a larger expenditure of effort and energy than a free action. You can perform one swift action per turn without affecting your ability to perform other actions. In that regard, a swift action is like a free action. However, you can perform only a single swift action per turn, regardless of what other actions you take. You can take a swift action any time you would normally be allowed to take a free action. Swift actions usually involve spellcasting or the activation of magic items; many characters (especially those who don't cast spells) never have an opportunity to take a swift action.

Casting a quickened spell is a swift action. In addition, casting any spell with a casting time of 1 swift action is a swift action.

Casting a spell with a casting time of 1 swift action does not provoke attacks of opportunity.