[RPG] Finding alternatives to rogues in campaigns


In a nutshell, I'm looking to join a game, but it seems that the type of character that I play often (rogue), has been done by everyone else in the group. Are there any other classes or sub-classes that would be a good fit for someone that usually plays rogue type players?

EDIT: To elaborate on what I enjoy about the role, mainly the way that you don't need to be relying on strength or magic to survive, but by guile, deceit, and striking when the opportunity presents themselves. Plus I find them easier to play as more evil/neutral characters, which is a great change of pace (if I do other classes, I'm usually in the good realm, albeit chaotic).

Best Answer

You may also enjoy a Bard.

Though they are often dismissed in 3.5, Bards can actually do some pretty awesome stuff.

I planned out a sneaky/trickster Bard for a campaign that never happened:

  • His spell choices were illusion magic, grease, expeditious retreat, etc. Almost all spells could be used to avoid or escape direct combat. And if it was inevitable, you could always drop a grease slick between you and fire arrows while they slid around.

  • He had a short sword and a bow, and wore light armor. As a side note, I believe Bards suffer no spell failure penalty due to light armor!

  • His skills were sneak, search, listen, etc.

The music component isn't all there is to Bards :) .