[RPG] Foci cost in Shadowrun 5ed


What is the cost of foci in Shadowrun 5ed?

In core rulebook p. 318 there is a table of Binding Cost in Karma – you have to synchronize the item to your astral signature.

On page 326 there is a table with cost in nuyen.

Does it mean that when I want to have the focus I have to pay both nuyen cost (item cost) and karma cost (binding cost)?

Best Answer

The Karma cost is mandatory. The nuyen cost can be circumvented; make your own, steal one, possibly take one off a dead mage? I can't remember if a bound foci can be bound to a new owner if the old one is dead off-hand. The nuyen cost can also be much higher than listed; if you're in a city where magic use is more heavily regulated (or, technically, the regulations are more strictly and reliably enforced) foci might be much harder to get without a Corporate SIN and a license to sling mojo.

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