[RPG] Free Basic-Rules-only adventure to showcase D&D 5e


With the free release of the 5e Basic Rules, I'm looking for an adventure to introduce myself and my group to 5e (in the spirit of this question): we want to try the system before deciding if we'll invest resources in the edition.

  • The adventure should be useable out of the box with only free Basic Rules publications. For example, I don't want to rely on Playtest content.
  • The adventure should be free. Like I said, the point is to discover whether we want to dedicate our group's resources to 5e.
  • It should showcase the strengths of 5e. Ideally it's a pitch for "why to play 5e" in adventure form, but at the very least it should be designed with 5e in mind. It's hard for me to imagine that a simple hack/update of a previous edition's adventure would be useful for selling my group on 5e.
  • I'd prefer an official WotC publication, but third-party/homebrew adventures are fine–though answers suggesting non-WotC adventures will, I hope, provide some idea about their production quality in addition to how well they fit the above points.
  • Starting at level 1 seems ideal, but I'm open to being convinced otherwise.

Some additional info about my group which might influence your recommendations: I expect between two and four experienced players in a face-to-face setting. We can dedicate perhaps three or four sessions of four or five hours each to the adventure.

As always, please remember that RPG recommendation questions have stricter-than-usual expectations about justifying why a particular recommendation is appropriate.

Best Answer

There are not really any official free adventures yet. EN world had a contest, sponsored by WoTC for short adventures for the D&D Next Playtest rules. You can get the adventures here (there are 8 of them) While I have not played them, the winner of the contest, "Mind Blast" has gotten some good reviews. Another award winning module is the Wizard's Amulet by Froggod Games.

However, in 2015 WoTC plans on revealing plans for 3rd party support and many are speculating a type of marketplace for user content. Presumably you will be able to get free adventures from that system. The stated reason for this being opened up only in 2015 is so that people have a few months of playing the game before they start making content.

Ofcourse, there will be lots of people playing games on roll20 or G+ with the purchased modules, and there are broadcasts of the Starter Set being played by WoTC employees.

Two more free 5e adventures were announced today, July 6th but their quality is untested.