[RPG] further increase the critical threat range


I'm a fighter archer, just turning level 4. In my last session I rolled double 00's for loot and was rewarded with a +4 composite longbow of thundering. I'm pretty freaking stoked. I plan on taking improved critical as soon as possible, but I was wondering if there are any other ways to increase my critical threat range? I'm sure folks here know a LOT more than I would.

I can probably use some third party sources but nothing too far in left field. Unfortunately you cannot apply keen to a bow and keen edge on arrows will not stack with improved critical.

Best Answer

While there may be alternative ways to increase your threat range, none of these stack. Keen, Improved Critical, etc. are all very explicit about this. The feat itself states:

This effect doesn't stack with any other effect that expands the threat range of a weapon.

In fact I would argue that if there is any possible stacking of critical range increases it is merely an error in the wording and wouldn't allow it in my games.

So taking Improved Critical, if you can spare the feat and know which weapon you want to focus on, is the cheapest way to get the highest range possible.