[RPG] get a paladin’s steed by True Polymorphing into a monster that can cast Find Steed


I am examining niche ways to cast Find Steed. I'm specifically interested in ones that don't require me to take levels in Bard, Thief Rogue, Wizard, or Paladin.

I had the idea that I could True Polymorph into a creature that has the Use Magic Device ability, or access to the Paladin spell list, and then cast Find Steed off of a paladin scroll.

background reference: What creatures can cast spells from spell scrolls?


Is it even viable in theory that a character without access to paladin spells uses True Polymorph to turn into a creature who can use Paladin spells, casts Find Steed from a scroll and then retains the summoned steed afterwards?

An important follow-up question: what is an example of a published creature able to use Paladin spell scrolls? I want to satisfy the case where the DM insists that you need to have a published creature of some sort in order to cast True Polymorph.

Best Answer

Yes, you can use those scrolls if the true polymorph form can

True polymorph states:

The target's game statistics, including mental ability scores, are replaced by the statistics of the new form. It retains its alignment and personality.

The class feature that allows the form to count as a paladin (or have the paladin's Spellcasting) for the purpose of magic items is included in the game statistics, so you gain them while under the effect of true polymorph.

This answer discusses why monsters with the Spellcasting special trait can use spell scrolls if their connected class spell list contains the spell on the scroll. The Introduction explains that this special trait works the same as the class feature in the Player's Handbook:

A monster with the Spellcasting class feature has a spellcaster level and spell slots, which it uses to cast its spells of 1st level and higher (as explained in the Player’s Handbook).

The monster has a list of spells known or prepared from a particular class... The monster is considered a member of that class when attuning to or using a magic item that requires membership in the class or access to its spell list.

One such monster for paladins is the Death Knight from the Monster Manual (you can use this D&D Beyond search to see all of the potential options, there may be some spoilers for adventure modules):

The death knight is a 19th-level spellcaster... It has the following paladin spells prepared:

Does a found steed persist?

The found steed will indeed persist and heed your commands as "you" have not become a different entity. You are merely assuming a different form:

If you turn a creature into another kind of creature, the new form...

However, the language the steed learns will have to be one that the new form speaks...

[the steed] gains the ability to understand one language of your choice that you speak.

since at the time where the steed gains the language, your ability to speak particular languages may change.