[RPG] get improved trip on bard without combat expertise


I've been working on this for months. and I keep running into walls because I'm trying to find out what clicks.

Here's what I know I want:

  • 6 levels in bard enough for suggestion
  • going through levels 10-20 as heartwarder
  • A focus on Enchantment and Illusion magic
  • Being the party face, while being a thief and Intel gatherer
  • Having as many of my abilities be fueled by charisma as possible so I'm SAD
  • use of slippers of battle dancing

Because of this I know I need these feats: Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Spell Focus(Enchantment) and Elusive Target — and before anyone asks Slippers of Battle dancing can only be used to their potential on move actions, so things like travel Devotion will not work. Yes I know about humans — I'm still deciding if I should run a half-elf or a silverbrow — and yes I know about flaws, this build wouldn't be possible without them.

And I know I will probably need improved trip to make the most of it, but if there is a way to get it without combat expertise (which I honestly consider useless) it would be greatly appreciated.

Best Answer

You can take the feat Improved Trip without meeting its prerequisites by first taking either the Forgotten Realms regional feat Hyena Tribe Hunter (Shining South 20) or the feat Wolf Berserker (Unapproachable East 45), but this latter feat's prerequisite includes that you have the ability to rage.

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