[RPG] Getting used to Wired Reflexes


I am just trying to imagine having extremely boosted Reflexes. There is two ways to go about them that I can think of: (I hope the english version "wired reflexes" is the right translation)

a) Keep the wired reflexes active at all time, which would give you problems with beeing pretty fast and having very high reflexes in your normal day life, but you would eventually get used to those extreme reflexes you now have. I imagine someone knocking over stuff on a table while he is eating, accidentally hitting his friends when just turning to them on the couch, stuff like that. You do have really fast reflexes and would probably need to get used to your muscles/reflexes work so fast, right?

b) Just turn the reflexes on when you need them. Would be a bit awkward for you every time you activate them, but at least you could live your normal day life normally. I guess if you activated it a bit before a run or something, you could get used to them and at least do pretty well with them on the run?

So, basically, my question is: How long would it take for someone to get used to his high reflexes in both cases? (a and b)

Best Answer

The reflex adjustment you pay for typically includes mental acceleration. This doesn't just boost your Reaction, it gives you more IP. Hitting someone on accident is not really a reasonable problem, nor is spilling food. Constantly interrupting people because they're going to slow, being frustrated at how slow one's one body moves, taking 'shortcuts' that shave seconds off of routine tasks like moving a fork into one's mouth but look really weird and sometimes spill food everywhere, these are the kinds of issues you get from wired reflexes. It's not just your body, your mind is moving faster too. Most runners who use them only turn them on when necessary, which works fine once their on; there isn't really much of an 'adjustment time' needed: if you've any of the latest FPS games you're probably familiar with moving in slow-mo which is basically what happens when the reflexes are on. The main disadvantage of doing this is that you might not have time to turn them on in certain situations (e.g. an ambush) before it's already too late. Also they make you physically better with basically no drawbacks at almost any task, which makes using them desirable, even if it's mind-numbingly boring.

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