[RPG] Good campaigns for a small group?


Are there any pre-made campaigns that are fairly simple and able to be played by a group of three people for D&D 3.5? My friends and I have a hard time getting a campaign that we can play, as it gets difficult quickly when we only have 2-3 characters. My price range would be fairly cheap; from free to $10 at most. I would prefer a shorter campaign that would last a few 2-3 hour long sessions.

Best Answer

When I started playing d20/3e D&D, I ran my friends through The Crucible of Freya, and I remember it being a lot of fun. Frog God Games offers a version for 3.5e in PDF for $2.99 USD. Here's a good capsule review.

When Crucible was released, there was a free prequel adventure called "The Wizard's Amulet" that I ran first, and it really hooked my friends (that's why I bought Crucible of Freya). I couldn't find a conversion to 3.5e for sale anywhere, but a google search turned up many places where the original 3e version can be downloaded.

One caveat: there was a third adventure in the series called Tomb of Abysthor that really fell flat. On paper, it looks fantastic--especially if one of your players wants to RP a character turning into a paladin, but the actual adventure was a slog-and-a-half.