[RPG] Has there been an errata that allows cantrips to be swapped out upon levelling up


Based on the Q&A "Can certain classes replace cantrips with other spells when they level up?", it appears that, RAW, cantrips cannot be swapped out on level up like other spells can be (for classes that can swap out spells on level up, such as Sorcerers).

However, in last night's game, some of my fellow players mentioned to me how there has been a recent errata that now officially allows cantrips to be swapped out like spells (basically, the conclusions that the above linked Q&A have now been contradicted by errata).

I have tried to search for this errata, but I can only find evidence to the contrary (i.e. supporting the linked Q&A), but what I've been able to find may not be the most recent errata that my fellow players were referring to.

Is what they claim true about there being an errata that now allows this? Or were my fellow players mistaken?

Best Answer

What they were referring to was probably Cantrip Versatility, which first appeared in Unearthed Arcana: Class Feature Variants in November 2019. This is not errata, but rather playtest content.

The playtest document grants Cantrip Versatility to clerics, druids, and wizards (the spellcasting classes in the PHB that prepare spells). For instance, the cleric's Cantrip Versatility feature reads:

Whenever you gain a level in this class, you can replace one cantrip you learned from this Spellcasting feature with another cantrip from the cleric spell list.

Each of those 3 classes has an identically named feature in the document with nearly the same wording (replacing "cleric spell list" with "druid spell list" or "wizard spell list" respectively). It is an enhancement of the Spellcasting feature for those classes.

As Unearthed Arcana content, it is not official yet but is being play tested.