[RPG] have an Animal Companion without being a druid or ranger


I'm looking for a way to have an Animal Companion with classes other than Druid or Ranger, for example a Paladin that fights with a trained hawk. I'm all for multiclassing if need be, but I'm looking for other ways as well, through feats if necessary. I'm not really worried about min/max stats or optimized builds.

Best Answer

There is a plethora of classes that either have an Animal Companion as a class feature by default, or can gain one via Archetypes.

In particular, the Huntmaster Cavalier comes pretty close to your idea of a Paladin with a Hawk, albeit without the inherent holyness that a Paladin has.

Alternatively, if you want to keep the clerical aspects of the Paladin, rather than the knightly ones, a Sacred Huntsmaster Inquisitor might be worth looking into.

The following list is limited to Paizo content and not exhaustive, particularly towards the end (I didn't actively look for Archetypes that grant a mount, for example)

Standard classes with Animal Companion

  • Druid, the iconic AC class.

  • Rangers can get an AC via Hunter's Bond, at lvl-3.

  • The Hunter from the ACG is a Druid-Ranger-Hybrid, with a uniquely strong focus on the animal companion.

  • Cleric, via Animal Domain (or it's subdomains Feather and Fur), at lvl-3

Classes with Archetypes or Options that grant Animal Companions

  • Barbarian, Mad Dog: Gains Improved Drag and can use it as swift action to pull an enemy toward his master.

  • Ranger, Falconer: bird only, full effective level, can learn special trick.

  • Alchemist, Winged Marauder: Dire Bat or Giant Vulture only

  • Cavalier, Huntmaster: Bird or Dog companion, can benefit from the Cavalier's Tactician ability, gains extra effect on it's attack.

  • Inqusitor, Sacred Huntsmaster: gains master's Teamwork feats automatically.

  • Oracle, Lunar Mystery, Primal Companion revelation: bear, boar, crocodile, shark, tiger, or wolf.

  • Brawler, Wild Child: learns the same Combat maneuvers as its master.

Classes and Archetypes with features that "function as a druid's animal companion"

  • Paladin: Divine Bond can be a mount.

  • Cavalier: Mount class feature.

  • Bloodrager, Bloodrider: gains a Feral Mount at lvl-4.

  • Shaman of Nature or Mammoth Spirit can have thier familiar gain the physical aspects of an animal companion - albeit at level 16, BUT, with the bonus of still being able to use familiar abilities. Mammoth spirit does have to be a megafauna companion, though.