[RPG] Have I overlooked some way of gaining characteristics


I've recently read through the rules for edge of the empire and age of rebellion.

Am I overlooking something or is it like this?:

  • At character creation you can increase 1 to 2 characteristics once (or one characteristic by 2) all else is way too expensive as you only have 100-110 XP to start with
  • Later on you can increase characteristics about 3 times (if you max
    out all 3 specialisations……possibly four times with universal or
    additional specs).

Thus you have your starting characteristics according to species and in addition to this 4-5 characteristics points to distribute over the course of a whole campaign?

Or did I overlook something here at character creation or during the course of the campaign?

Best Answer

Yep, you're correct! You only get to improve characteristics a few times.

I think it's because the game is trying to be "low power", in a way. Since each characteristic feeds into a bunch of skills, if you could buy characteristics you'd be improving in leaps and bounds. The game doesn't want you to do that, so you're mostly limited to buying specific skills.

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