[RPG] Healing a PC with spell resistance


I have a drow in my party that doesn't have a lot of HP. When she's unconscious and bleeding out, I am having trouble stabilizing her—her spell resistance is still active, and I only have a +6 to heal checks so non-magical stabilizing is failure-prone. What's the best way to handle this as a druid with no other healers in the party?

Some options I've thought about:

  • spend a feat in spell penetration—this might not be the worst idea ever, but it would only reduce my failure rate to 40% assuming even levels
  • put a bunch more skill points in Heal—seems wasteful, since this seems like the only place I would be using it, and I don't really have skill points to spare
  • cram potions down her throat—spell resistance still applies, right?
  • just let the foul drow die

Note that we are still level 1*, so I am looking for low-level options that I can work towards over the next couple of levels.

* To forestall objections, the +2 LA for the drow has been houseruled away since it's an above-ground campaign. So hopefully once she gains some HP she will be more of an asset to the party…

Best Answer

I recommend a few Blessed Bandages (Magic Item Compendium, page 152). Applying one immediately stabilizes a dying target.

As for your proposed solutions:

  • Don't spend a feat on Spell Penetration. While Druids are usually not particularly feat-starved, Spell Penetration is a feat that benefits relatively few Druid spells and isn't all that powerful to begin with.
  • Spending skill points on Heal is also a waste, you have more powerful skills. An exception might be if you expect to get a lot of utility out of the Healing Lorecall spell (Spell Compendium, page 110)
  • Don't use potions. Save up for a wand instead. But yes, spells from items would still bounce off the Drow's SR, particularly if the Drow gains levels (improving their SR).
  • Compared to other situations in which you might be willfully letting your friend's character die, this is a rather good one. The +2 Level Adjustment the character is carrying around means they are likely to be a liability (even with LA buyoff, it's going to stick around for a while). And yes, Drow are nasty creatures who are likely planning your demise already.
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