[RPG] Help, in 5th edition D&D do the modifiers go up, how and why?


In dnd 5th edition, do my modifiers go up when I level up and how and why?

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Mostly yes

Most of the numbers on your character sheet either have, or can have an upward trend to them. However when and how often these numbers advance depends on which modifier you're talking about.

Proficiency Bonus

Your character's primary modifier is his Proficiency Bonus. This begins at +2 at level 1, and maxes out at +6 at level 17. It's progress is indicated by the "Proficiency Bonus" column in your class's table.

Ability Modifiers

Your ability modifiers (e.g. Strength Bonus, Dexterity Bonus, and so on) increase when your ability scores increase. The main way that your ability scores increase is through the Ability Score Improvement feature listed in your class's table.

Whenever you receive an Ability Score Improvement, you have a choice between three options:

  • Increase one score by two.

  • Increase two scores by one.

  • Gain a feat.

How often you receive an Ability Score Improvement is dependent on your class, but is typically once every four levels.

Note that this increases your ability score, rather than your ability modifier. So increasing a score from 15 to 16 will increase your modifier from +2 to +3. But increasing from 16 to 17 will still leave you with a +3 modifier.

Other Numbers

Other numbers (such as armor class) can also be improved, but you usually do so by buying better gear.

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