[RPG] Helpless opponent & Coup de Grace


I had a question about Coup de Grace.

It says you can use it against a helpless opponent. Helpless opponent is defined as "Paralyzed, held, bound, sleeping, unconscious, or otherwise completely at an opponent's mercy."

Now, if I was invisible and behind an unwary opponent, could I use a Coup de Grace because he'd be 'completely at my mercy'?

I've read things in places that this might indicate a yes, but I wanted a definitive answer.


EDIT: I was just using invisibility to set the stage. The point was that the victim has no idea I'm there. Invisible, or not, I just wanted to know if this situation counted as a coup de grace.

Best Answer

The text you quoted refers to any other thing the GM might consider appropriate. Being the exact meaning of completely at opponent's mercy never otherwise defined, there's no official rule on this AFAIK.

I'd rule, being all the other options about a target who's unable to move, not being detected does not put an opponent under sufficient conditions for a coup de grace.