[RPG] Homebrewed Character Evaluation: Blind Monk


I have a player that wants to play a blind elven monk. I have constructed the character below. Anything not specifically mentioned is identical to the normal class/race. Does this character seem mechanically balanced/viable for an introductory campaign (lvl 1–4)?

Class: Blind Monk
Prerequisite Race/age: Elf with at least 100 yrs training to develop base skills.


  • Blind: Immune to effects from blinding and gaze attacks.
    Blur, displacement, mirror image and other defenses
    that rely on sight deception have no effect.


  • Blindsight: Noisy environments reduce Blindsight by half.
  • Echolocation: Noisy environments cause disadvantage in
    locating specific objects, and negates advantage
    vs surprise.
  • Deafness and hearing attacks negate Blindsight and Echolocation.

Class Proficiencies:

  • Armor: none
  • Weapons: Staff, Quarterstaff, or Spear
  • Tools: one type of artisan’s tools or musical instrument
  • Saving throws: Strength, Dexterity
  • Skills: Choose one of Acrobatics, Athletics, History, Insight, or Religion

  • Blindsight: echolocation (audible frequency)
    Range: 30 ft; increases by 10ft at lvl 4, 8, 12, 16
    Ability: You can locate objects or creatures making sound.
    By making a specific sound you can locate silent objects
    such as walls, tables, chairs, etc.
    Roll with advantage vs. Surprise.

Class Features:

  • Lvl 1 — Blind Fighting, Martial Arts
    Lvl 2 — Unarmored defence, Ki
    Lvl 3 — Monastic Tradition, Unarmored Movement

    Remaining levels are same as normal monk class.

  • Blind Fighting: Your combat, perception and intuitions skills
    are honed to the point that you no longer suffer penalties
    from being blind.
    Deafness causes disadvantage on attack rolls. If you kill your
    opponent while deaf, you are unable to locate a new opponent
    unless struck.

Best Answer

I think this is pretty reasonable. Having Blind Sight and Echo Location is extremely powerful but if you do get hit with a sound impairing attack it would be devastating to you. Much more then a normal person. Just be prepared to deal with the consequences late game. If you get famous then people will start hearing about this bad ass blind monk that has an uncanny way of sensing his opponents moves. After a while people are going to figure out you use your hearing above all else. A silence spell will mess you up. Bu ti think there has to be a grand negative for you to be able to have blind sense and echo location.

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