[RPG] How are attack bonuses calculated


I have a level 2 Oathbreaker paladin with a javelin and a halberd, and I'm not sure how to calculate my attack bonuses. Can anyone explain it to me?

Best Answer

I was just walking someone through this last night and it is tricky because of how far apart all the relevant rules are. Your proficiency bonus depends on your level, as shown in the chart on PHB p.15 and in your class advancement chart. You add it whenever you use a tool, skill, or weapon you're proficient in (among other things), as explained on PHB p. 12.

Stat bonus: By default, melee weapons use Strength and ranged weapons use Dexterity (PHB p. 194). However, melee weapons with Finesse (as indicated in the table on PHB p. 149) let you use Dexterity instead if you so choose, as described on PHB p. 147. Also, Thrown weapons use the same attribute you would use if you were using it as a melee weapon - so Strength unless it has the Finesse property, in which case you can choose to use Dexterity instead.

You'll use Strength for both: the halberd because it's a melee weapon without Finesse, the javelin because it's a Thrown weapon without Finesse. Your attack roll modifier is [your proficiency bonus + STR + any other relevant modifiers]. For a beginning character (Levels 1-4) with a Strength of 16, that'll be +5 total.