[RPG] How are augmented maximums calculated in SR5


I have probably simply overlooked it in the book, but three separate searches through the book have still failed to find it, so I thought I'd ask. Sorry if it's obvious and I'm just missing it.

Several spells and power reference a character's "augmented maximum" for an Attribute. I fail to find the calculation for this statistic. I'm assuming it's something fairly obvious, probably Attribute*1.5 or Attribute*2, but I'd like to know for sure.

Best Answer

Page 94, the last paragraph before "Cyberware & Bioware" heading, says the maximum augmentation to any single attribute is +4. That's the TOTAL augmentation, so if you're getting a bonus from cyberware, the max your mage friend can buff you is reduced. Likewise if you're a Burnout Adept trying to self-boost the same stat with both PP and 'ware.

A friend saw my question and messaged me the answer. I figured I should put it up here in case others are in the boat with me.