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I know from the Monster Manual "Dragon Age Categories" table on page 86 that a young dragon is "large". Which means that if you play on a battle map, he takes up 2×2 squares, which 10 x 10 feet.

What I don't know is how "large" is measured. Is the dragon just 10 feet wingspan, or 10 feet from head to tail? Or is 10 feet about the length from shoulders to rump, with wings, head, and tail not being counted? I am trying to 3D print a dragon miniature, and for that and a better description I really would like more about how big a "large" young dragon actually is. Anyone got a source for that?

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I do not know of any published material from 5e yet, but there have been a book or two named Draconomicon throughout the editions. The 3.5e and 4e have rather comparable statistics, so one can reasonably assume that the 5e dragons will not be much different.

As an example, here are the average statistics for a "large" red dragon according to the 4e "Draconomicon - Chromatic Dragons":

Overall Length: 33 ft.
Neck Length: 12 ft.
Tail Length: 9 ft.
Body length: 12 ft.
Standing width: 7 ft.
Max. Height: 9 ft.
Max. Wingspan: 45 ft.
Min. wingspan: 18 ft.
Weight: 2,700 lb.

Various dragons are somewhat different, but not much. According to 3.5e Draconomicon, max. wingspan is the actual tip-to-tip span of the wings when they are fully spread out. The min. wingspan is the minimum space in which a dragon can still utilize its wings to maintain flight. Note that the dragons are able to fold their wings when not in flight, so the dragon's width could fit within your 10ft. when the wings are folded.

On the other hand, if you are interested in the statistics for a dragon whose min. wingspan is about 10ft, that would be a "medium" red dragon according to 4e. Here are the relevant stats (again quoting from the same book):

Overall Length: 18 ft.
Neck Length: 7 ft.
Tail Length: 5 ft.
Body length: 6 ft.
Standing width: 4 ft.
Max. Height: 5 ft.
Max. Wingspan: 30 ft.
Min. wingspan: 12 ft.
Weight: 350 lb.

Finally, if you would like to see how a "medium", "large" or larger red dragon looks like, you can have a look at the following webpage, which was published when the 3.5e Draconomicon came out in 2003. Particularly the high-resolution desktop wallpapers are quite excellent to visualise the above statistics.

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