[RPG] How compatible are the published D&D 5e rules with the rules in the SRD


As of the time I'm writing this question, Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition is published only in English, and to the best of my knowledge, no plans exist for an official translation into other languages. As a result, several crowdfunding projects have been launched and successfully funded to create foreign-language versions of 5E by simply translating the SRD rules.

I play D&D with a group in which half of the players don't speak English. So I was wondering whether it would be feasible to play D&D 5e with them if I use the official published rules, and they have the SRD-translated rules. I know that the SRD rules aren't 100% identical to the official rules, but the difference is mostly missing subclasses and races.

Are there any rules in the SRD which would actually contradict the published D&D 5E rules and make it difficult to play if some players used SRD rules and others used published 5E rules?

Best Answer

The SRD does not contradict official rules.

The official (English) SRD rules do not contradict the official rules from the Player's Handbook, Monster Manual or Dungeon Master's Guide, excepting for the names of a few spells changing.

Also remember that the players will likely require your guidance from the official rulebook to create characters, to access certain class features and so-on.

However, the fan-made translations you mentioned might alter the rules as written or someone's interpretation of a rule might translate poorly, which may lead to rules disputes with your players.