[RPG] How do 2 pairs of wings work


I have a character that has a pair of draconic wings from the feat of the same name.
I would like to use the cloak of the dragon from complete champion page 138. It says that I "grow a pair of draconic wings"

If I use something that gives me wings while having natural wings for the added flight time, how would my natural wings interact with the extra ones?

Best Answer

Generally, wings overlap, not stack with each other. If you sprout new wings, your old wings just transform. There are no special rules, at least to what I've found, for multiple sets of wings. Even creatures with multiple sets like giant dragonflies and stirges don't have any special rules.

However, do note that the Draconic Wings feat doesn't give you wings, only allows you to glide with the wings you already have (which seems kinda...useless, but hey).