[RPG] How do hit points work


I'm about to start my first D&D game, and I just noticed that my character sheet has four different hit point values. I assume maximum is how many you have before you're dead, but how do Bloodied, Surge value and Surges/Day work?

Best Answer

OK, you have four different values. Here are their definitions:

  • Total HP Value. This is your total hit points. This is defined by your class HP value plus your Con score. When you run out of HP you are dying. This is a special condition that is well defined (you are unconscious and begin making saving throws to either wake up or permanantly die).

  • Bloodied Value. This is one half your hit points. At this point you are half dead. A number of characters and monsters have abilities that are triggered by or depend on "being bloodied" or attacking a "bloodied" creature. This means a character that is at or below half their HP. When you reach negative your bloodied value in HP (even if you have death saving throws remaining) you die.

  • Number of Surges. This is the number of surges that your character has per day. This is defined by your class surge number value plus your Con mod.

  • Surge Value. This is 1/4 your hit points. It is used for many healing effects; you "spend a surge" and (usually) gain the number of HP indicated by your surge value.

Hope this helps.