[RPG] How do monk attacks work


I've skimmed through the books but I'm a little confused about powers. Unarmed monks for example get +3 Atk and 1d8 naturally. Is the +3 only added to rolls when you make a basic attack or does it get added to your abilities? For instance I use Drunken Monkey, it is only my D20 roll + Dex modifier to hit vs. Will, and whatever damage it does right? If so, do weapon proficiency bonus' add to abilities for other classes that use weapons or does that work the same way or does it count if the ability uses x[w] key?

Best Answer

Monk's +3 unarmed proficiency bonus is only added to weapon attacks, not monk "Implement" attacks. Monks are confusing.

The difference is in the keyword of the power.

Drunken Monkey has the following keywords: Full Discipline, Implement, Psionic

The one we care about is "Implement"

Because monk attacks are implement attacks, they do not use weapon proficiency. Instead, they use Half-Level + Dex Mod for attack versus Will, and 1d8 + Dexterity modifier damage (note lack of half-level) for damage.

To increase the attack mod, you need to invest in feats like "Ki Focus Expertise"

The Melee Basic attack on the other hand would have the weapon keyword. Therefore you would, on an opportunity attack, use +3 + Half Level + Strength Mod versus AC.