[RPG] How do Mythic Spells known interact with classes that can retrain spells known


"To select a mythic spell, you must be able to cast the non-mythic version or have it on your list of spells known." If you don't know it and you can't cast it, then you can't select that spell. Seems straightforward enough.

Most of the classes that can retrain spells known do so slowly and their interaction with Mythic Spells seemed obvious. Until the Advanced Class Guide was released. The Shaman at 6th level or higher can use the Wandering Hex class feature to select Arcane Enlightenment from the Lore spirit, choosing a handful of spells from the sorcerer/wizard list to prepare that day. The next day, they're gone, and the shaman can choose the hex again and select a new loadout.

Issues of "balance" aside, do your Mythic Spell picks get refunded if they're no longer valid choices? If so, do you have to choose them again immediately, or can you wait until you've used a class feature to choose new spells you couldn't normally pick? If not, are they retrainable for a small commitment of gold and time? Or do those Mythic spells just stay there until you pick those spells again and get them back?

Rules-as-written is strongly preferred, as I like to come from a strong understanding of the rules prior to making a GM call to change things or deny a proposed change, but statements of developer intent (even if unofficial) or comparisons to how RAW handles similar situations are also very helpful.

Best Answer

First, I'd like to say that this kind of oversight and poor editing is common in the Mythic rules, and it's likely that whoever wrote the Mythic Spellcasting rules wasn't thinking about retraining spells when they wrote the feat and power. Thus, any ruling you make on this will likely be supported by at least one interpretation of the rules text.

That said, I would say that the rules as written most support the interpretation of the selected Mythic spells remaining static once chosen. In the description of the feat/power, there is no mention of changing the Mythic spells selected, and generally choices made in feats cannot be changed without specific retraining. This implies that the selection process is something that happens once, when you take the feat, and is static afterwards. Since nothing says that you can rechoose your Mythic spells if you stop being able to cast the regular version, you can't. Those Mythic spell choices become basically inert until you regain the ability to cast those spells, or use some kind of feat retraining to get a different set of Mythic spells.