[RPG] How do natural and weapon attacks mix


I have a level 1 Synthesist Summoner.

Since he has the Quadruped base Eidolon, when fused, my Summoner has a bite attack (Primary). In addition, I have spent evolution points on a tentacle (Secondary). Finally, my Synthesist carries around an Axe, with which he can make weapon attacks.

If I were to use the Full-Attack option, what attacks could I make, and at what penalties? Let's assume I want to always use the Axe, where possible.

How does this interact with the eidolon's natural attack limit? (3 at first level)

Best Answer

You can use your manufactured weapon as normal for full attacks – iteratives, Two-Weapon Fighting, Flurry of Blows, whatever.

You then get any natural weapon attacks, all treated as secondary attacks (−5 penalty to attack, Strength to damage halved), unless the limb involved in the natural attack was already used for a manufactured weapon. This usually means no Claws, but other restrictions could imaginably come into play.

Worth noting that the Multiattack feat reduces the penalty on secondary attacks to −2 instead of −5. Can be worth it if you’ve got three or more.