[RPG] How do skills work?


I am a new player creating a rogue character and I'm struggling to understand how the skill system works. I've spent about an hour searching through the Basic Rules and can't find anything. I'm specifically wondering what to put for skills that I'm not proficient in.

I picked the skills acrobatics, sleight of hand, perception, and insight to be proficient in. My criminal background gives me proficiency in deception and stealth. So what does "proficiency" mean in terms of skills as opposed to items? How do I fill these in?

Best Answer

I suggest you carefully read through Chapter 7 of the Player's Handbook (PHB) or Part 2 of the players basic rules.

An explanation on proficiency bonuses can be found on page 173 of the PHB or page 57 of the basic rules.

An explanation on the relevant numbers you need for ability (skill) checks can be found on page 174 of the PHB or page 58 of the basic rules. The most relevant part regarding what numbers to fill in for each skill can probably be best explained at the top of page 175 of the PHB or page 59 of the basic rules.

If you're still having trouble after reading through this chapter please be very specific about what doesn't make sense and update you're question accordingly.