[RPG] How do we feed a character whose mouth is magically sewn shut


My party has gotten themselves into quite a pickle and one of our characters has gotten his mouth sewn shut by magical thread, which we can't cut. He is unable to eat and our GM has determined that he had roughly 4 days of being alright in that state without starving to death. We're now down to 1½ days before he starves and he has 2 levels of exhaustion (which cannot be reduced by taking a long rest because he can't eat and drink).

Is there any spell or creative solution to get him fed and allow us some more time to fix the whole situation?

He is a Tortle and the 'best' idea I've had is putting a feeding tube in his nose to keep him alive. He can't use a straw. He is a level 7 warlock.

Best Answer

Just cut a hole in his cheek.

Puncture wounds are healed by regular healing spells, so just stab the tortle through the cheek and shove a goodberry in there. It won't be fun, but it works. Or...

Find a cleric who can cast Regenerate.

Once you have done that (and I highly recommend doing it in this order), use a knife and just cut the Tortle's lips off, thread and all. Regenerate will restore the character's missing body parts, lips included, after two minutes. Strictly speaking, you don't need a cleric: a druid or bard who can cast seventh level spells will also work.

Alternatives to finding someone who knows that sort of magic: find a Ring of Regeneration. This is probably a lot harder, but technically, you only need to borrow it for 1d6+1 days for the body part to regrow (here, the tortle's lips) at which point you can return it.