[RPG] How does a list of prepared spells work with leveling up


I don't seem to be understanding what's written in the book. For a Druid you would use your wisdom modifier plus your Druid level to prepare spells.

So, do you do this every level and have that many prepared spells to choose from each level? And the ones you already have from previous levels?

Best Answer

When you level, the number of prepared spells you'll have will increase, but you still only prepare specific spells after a long rest, as normal

You are correct, the total number of prepared spells available for druids are Druid Level + Wisdom Modifier. So when you level up, the total number of prepared spells will increase, either just by one (the level increase), or by more (If you get an attribute point increase with your level up, which increases your wisdom modifier).

However, you pick which spells are prepared after a long rest. So even though you have leveled up, and tracked every other benefit to leveling up, you still have to take a long rest to replenish your spells and prepare new spells (or keep the spells you had prepared since your last rest). This also means that you can prepare a whole new set of spells after another long rest. The only restriction is that you have to prepare all of your spells at one time, and only after a long rest.

To answer your last question, the total number of spells prepared is for all of your spells, chosen from the entire Druid spell list. You can only prepare spells that from spell levels you are able to cast. (For example, if the highest spell level you can cast is level 4, you cannot prepare any spell level 5 spells). You still follow the number of spell slots per level for each spell level according to your character level.

So you may be able to prepare say, 10 spells total. But you can only cast 4x level one spells, 3x level 2, 2x level 3 spells, etc., or how many it says under your character level on the druid level chart in the PHB.

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