[RPG] How does attacking during a conversation affect initiative


Say the party is smooth-talking a guard, and the rogue loses patience and throws a dagger. Combat ensues…is the next step to roll initiative? If so, does the rogue's thrown dagger not count as his first round attack?

Best Answer

The rogue starts to throw a dagger

The rogue's attempt to attack initiates combat, with all the normal rules. The actual throwing of the dagger happens on the rogue’s turn (if they still can and want to).

Surprise is a possibility if the DM decides that the guard (and the other players) "doesn't notice a threat". Potentially this could use the rogue’s Deception rather than Stealth to resolve, since it's more about hiding intentions than just hiding.

Initiative is then rolled and combat proceeds in initiative order. The guard might beat the rogue in initiative, representing quick reflexes and the rogue getting his fingers tangled with his belt, or anything else you care to describe.