[RPG] How does dungeon world combat work?


I don't understand what dice I'm supposed to roll or anything. Do I roll my damage dice? I've never actually played a tabletop RPG so this'll be my first, so I guess my confusion is understandable.

Best Answer

I guess you are confused because you dice twice for a hack'n'slash: 1) dice 2d6+STR so see if the attack works out at all, i.e. if you hit. 2) dice your characters damage dice, e.g. 1d10 for a fighter.

For further information read the core rulebook, watch some youtubed livestreams of people playing the game, and join a hangout game via the dungeon world tavern (that´s the name of a google+ group).

Don´t worry, playing DW can be learen in an hour or two.