[RPG] How does Jack of All Trades interact with Reliable Talent


The Bard's Jack of All Trades says you can add half of your proficiency bonus to rolls to skills that you otherwise can't add your proficiency bonus. And the Rogue's Reliable Talent feature lets them roll a minimum of 10 on any skill that benefits from their proficiency bonus.

So if I am a Rogue 11/Bard 2, does the half-proficiency from JoAT let me roll a minimum of 10 on ALL skills via Reliable Talent, or does half the proficiency bonus not count as activating Reliable Talent?

Best Answer

As of 2019, the new Sage Advice Compendium clearly states that they don't interact.

These aren't allowed to work together on a single check.

Can the rogue’s Reliable Talent feature be used in conjunction with Remarkable Athlete or Jack of All Trades?

No. Each of these features has a precondition for its use; Reliable Talent activates when you make an ability check that uses your proficiency bonus, whereas the other two features activate when you make an ability check that doesn’t use your proficiency bonus. In other words, a check that qualifies for Reliable Talent doesn’t qualify for Remarkable Athlete or Jack of All Trades. And Remarkable Athlete and Jack of All Trades don’t work with each other, since you can add your proficiency bonus, or any portion thereof, only once to a roll.

An earlier Jeremy Crawford tweet restates this:

Making sure this is clear: these features work together on a character. They don't work together on the same ability check.

This is definitive, and contradicts earlier apparent rulings, i.e. from the 2017 SA compendium.