[RPG] How does Monk damage combine with other sources


Are the following damage calculations correct for a L17 Monk/3 Ranger (20 Dex) with Dueling, Horde Breaker, and wielding a monk weapon:

  • Standard attack: 3d10 + 4 (from dueling) + 15 (Dex mod) + [to another target: 1d10 + 2 + 5]
  • With FoB: 4d10 + 4 + 20 + [2nd target: 1d10 + 7]
  • With FoB and Hunter's Mark: 4d10 + 4d6 + 4 + 20 [2nd target: 1d10 + 7]

If so, are Dueling/Horde Breaker/Hunter's Mark the best ways to improve Monk damage (assuming no more than 3 levels taken outside of Monk)? If not, how can DPR be increased?

Best Answer

Standard Attack: Correct. As you correctly observe you will only get Dueling damage on your monk weapon strikes.

Flurry of Blows: Correct again.

Flurry and Hunter's Mark: Not quite. You won't get 1d6 extra damage on your second target. Hunter's Mark only targets one creature. Re-targeting when the original target drops costs a bonus action "on a subsequent turn" (pg. 251). You'll only ever be getting Hunter's Mark damage on one target in a turn. So you'd be getting 4d10 + 4d6 + 4 + 20 [2nd target: 1d10 + 7]

All of these calculations are assuming that you hit with all attacks and that nothing has a resistance (or other protections) relevant to the damage types of your monk weapon or your unarmed attack. Stunning Strike or the Open Hand Technique may be useful in assuring the 'all attacks hit' part. Of course, every use of Stunning Strike will cost you ki that you might need for a later Flurry.