[RPG] How does spell slot progression work with multiclassing


I don't understand how spell slot progression works with a multi-class character.

For example, if I had a level 3 melee class, then decided to go multi-class caster, how does the spell slot progression work? Because my character is level 3, does that mean I have access to level 3 caster stats as well?

That is, would I get level 3 amount of caster slots, because my character is level 3, or would I only get level 1 caster slots, because I'm a level 3 melee, but only a level 1 caster?

Does it work the same way in reverse? (Level 3 caster multi-class as a melee, would I gain level 3 or level 1 abilities/skills?)

Best Answer


Multi-classing rules for spells are described in detail on page 164 and 165 of the Player's Handbook. The paragraph on page 164 that begins with the bolded text "Spell Slots." tells you how to calculate what "Lvl." you should use for the purposes of consulting the table on page 165. The table, in turn, determines how many spell slots you have.

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